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Tell us about your favorite Steamboat Days stories, most memorable moments, favorite... band, ride or game, vendor, etc. Share with us. Your community wants to know!

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VIP rip off
I think that Steam boat days is by far one of the best deals each year. My wife and I never miss it until a couple years ago. Im 73 and must be able to sit during the shows. We have paid those high prices for VIP seats, but have not been able to sit for the last 2 years account of over filling that section. That was a good idea to start up the VIP section and I always got them even when it was changed to have to buy for all the shows. But when you have to pay all that money and 1.not get a seat ...
Many gathered by boat and by foot to gaze at the fireworks Sunday June 17th
Steamboat Days Fireworks
Steamboat days 2012 was amazing. They certainly out did themselves for their 50th anniversary! Here are some of my favorite moments..
BSD gets a bath

Glen Templeton

Steamboat Days From Ferris Wheel
My brother and I went on the ferris wheel thursday evening. While the ferris wheel stopped at the top, I snapped this picture! It shows the crowd building, the beautiful sunset, and of course the bridge!
BSD+Great Friends=Great Times
Beep Beep
It was the first day of the 2012 season of Steamboat Days and my Wife and I decided to take our daughter, Khloe, to steamboat days. She had never been, So we decided to take her to her very first carnival, thinking she would be scared of the rides we hesitantly let her ride. Low and behold she rode every ride she could more times than we could count. My wife and I rode a few with her just to make her more comfortable, but she rather ride them herself! All in all it was a great experience and Khl ...
Steamboat Days Memories
I can remember very first SBD. There are fond memories, and some sad ones as well. One year the outdoor stage called "The Miss Never Sail" was blown down with some injuries to a couple of boys. Another great night was I believe the first year of SBD when Louis Armstrong came to town. Louis started his show on the outdoor stage, but the Mormenfliescame and the show was move inside to the auditorium. The nights that were really fun, were the Tuesday night shows that started at 6:30 and went ...
Watching the Monkees - Twice on a hot summer day in 1986
I went to Steamboat Days on the last night this year. I couldn't afford a ticket as I have in the past. A friend gave me a one day pass, not knowing that it had been scanned. I went to enter into the gates.My ticket was scanned. They said it had already been used. I told them fine, I wouldn't come in. They proceeded to force me to go with them to their office. I told them I was unaware that the ticket had been used, perhaps I had been given the wrong ticket. My friend came to my defense. they pr ...
Billy Curington
We were on the river with Earl and Nance Inghram and other friends, just floating around directly in front of the Memorial Auditorium. It was a warm and humid night, but seemed cool out on the boat. When all of a sudden, people at Steamboat Days started to scatter as fast as they could. Little did we realize the the Mayflies of Mormon Flies, invaded the landline. We were never effected as long as we were out on the river, but had to face reality when we went back to shore.
BSD Keith Urban
1965 Memory
It was Steamboat Days 1965, I can remember it as if it was yesterday. I met this beautiful looking girl dragging the strip on Jefferson. Remember those days? I asked her for a date to to Steamboat Days that Thursday. It was a fantastic evening. Got married the next year. 42 years later still very happily married. We come come every 5yrs and were so disappointed when it was flooded out last year. Missing the mormon flies. Richard Manning class of 64, Janet Mundt class of 66.
Hot summer Day.
I always took my kids to Steamboat days. As a single mom I used to save any change I could to have for it. I''d make a new steamboat day dress every year for my little girl, and a bonnet to match and there would be matching ribbons. I'd usually take our drinks and snacks, and ride those rides! One year it was so very hot. I got on the Tilt A Whirl with the kids and the ride began. I noticed every time the carny guy were in view they'd grin and the thing would go faster. I was so sick I could ...
I have so many fun memories of Steamboat Days. I think the ones that stand out the most is when there used to be a beer tent. Patrick Hazel and the Mother Blues Band--what a good time. I also remember the day of the Steamboat Days badges instead of the tickets. I no longer live in Burlington but I plan on attending every year! 3 Doors Down is one of my favorite bands so really looking forward to this year and all of the great bands!

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