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Bobby Wilson Columns
(RIP 1933-2011)

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Library to celebrate five years

published online: 11/13/2011

Editor's note: After almost 52 full years with The Hawk Eye, this is Bobby Wilson's final column. He finished work on it ... Read More
Quietly popular band ready to make a splash

published online: 11/9/2011

An ensemble that for too many years was referred to as southeast Iowa's "best kept musical secret" today "owns the terri ... Read More
Heritage Center calendar fills up

published online: 11/6/2011

Activities abound this month at the Des Moines County Heritage Center in Burlington, where the calendar includes a new h ... Read More
Emmy-nominated musician graces Burlington stage Saturday

published online: 11/2/2011

Deceased artists' works set for exhibit Art by two area artists who died earlier this year are featured in separate exh ... Read More
'Grease' is the word at Danville High

published online: 10/30/2011

It began in 1971 in Chicago as a small parody of teen life at the closing of the 1950s, when the rock 'n' roll phenomeno ... Read More
'Deaf Jam' isn't silent about life of hearing-impaired teen

published online: 10/26/2011

Thanks to Alan Jay Lerner's book and lyrics and Frederick Loewe's music, millions of musical theater fans will argue the ... Read More
GALA tickets now on sale

published online: 10/23/2011

According to an official report, the Burlington Fine Arts League raised just less than $50,000 at last year's GALA, the ... Read More
West Burlington native hits right note with fellowship

published online: 10/19/2011

And the coveted role of Mimi goes to - drum roll please - West Burlington native Shannon Prickett. Prickett, recipient ... Read More
SEISO opens season with Liszt

published online: 10/16/2011

Composer Franz Liszt's genius will be celebrated next weekend by the Southeast Iowa Symphony Orchestra as it opens its 6 ... Read More
Bel Canto Chorale set to kick another season of song

published online: 10/12/2011

About to embark on another season of concerts is the evergreen ensemble known as Bel Canto Chorale, or those who epitomi ... Read More
Fall means cave, water tower music

published online: 10/9/2011

You know fall's arrived hereabouts with the filing of schedules from those who manage concert seasons at Starr's Cave Na ... Read More
Remember Wesleyan showcases M.P. tenor, among others

published online: 10/5/2011

A New London man who practices a craft passed down by his family will present the Lifelong Learning program at 7 p.m. Th ... Read More
'Stormy Weather' in the forecast

published online: 10/2/2011

In celebration of the paperback release of his acclaimed biography, "Stormy Weather: The Life of Lena Horne," author Jam ... Read More
'Odd Couple' gets feminine touch courtesy of Players Workshop

published online: 9/28/2011

Players Workshop will play it strictly for laughs over the next two weekends with the local amateur theater group's prod ... Read More
Old timey jazz opens Civic Music

published online: 9/25/2011

In his tragedy of star-crossed young lovers, "Romeo & Juliet," Shakespeare observed that "a rose by any other name w ... Read More
Weekend festivals offer art enthusiasts a feast for the eyes

published online: 9/21/2011

Ah, and it be a bonny weekend for art lovers with back-to-back festivals in Macomb, Ill., and Fort Madison. Gazebo Art ... Read More
Acclaimed jazz singer at Macomb

published online: 9/18/2011

A vocalist regarded by fans and critics alike as arguably the best jazz singer on the contemporary scene will headline t ... Read More
'Iron Horse' subject of county historical society town meeting

published online: 9/14/2011

Before space capsules, before the airplane and before the car there was the "Iron Horse," a smoke-belching harbinger of ... Read More
Indescribable art at SCC

published online: 9/11/2011

If asked to describe John Carlson's art, I would have to pass. So would Carlson, I suppose. Although Carlson's pieces a ... Read More
Baseball fans will swing by card and memorabilia show

published online: 9/7/2011

Quick, without searching Google, who was Iowa's first major league baseball player - name and place of birth? According ... Read More
Painters appear on DVD, in show

published online: 9/4/2011

In my review of three DVDs featuring pastel artists David Garrison and Cecile Houel at their easels, I sung their praise ... Read More
Heritage Center taking flight in exhibit

published online: 8/28/2011

Kay Weiss, now serving as interim director of the Des Moines County Historical Society, reports museums manager Jim Hunt ... Read More
Armchair travelers set to take flight to faraway destinations

published online: 8/24/2011

Terrorist fears, a lagging economy, increasing transportation costs and the hassle of boarding searches have cut into th ... Read More
Magic show headlines 'Magic of Mepo'

published online: 8/21/2011

Balster Magic Show, a husband/wife team whose shows feature magic, special effects, illusions, animals and comedy, will ... Read More
Back-to-back September festivals will appeal to art enthusiasts

published online: 8/17/2011

A common sight at Snake Alley on most any day of the year is someone taking a photo of the famous site or posing for one ... Read More

Showing 1 - 25 of 441
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