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Gene Policinski Columns
First Amendment Center

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State of the First

published online: 8/3/2015

There's no doubt a huge number of Americans are unable to name the five freedoms protected by the First Amendment - nati ... Read More
Survey says: Take down that flag

published online: 7/20/2015

The Confederate battle flag is coming down in South Carolina, on store shelves and on license plates, and for most Ameri ... Read More
Remember Runnymede

published online: 6/22/2015

What would you say if you got 60 seconds to speak to the world? At noon recently, on a hot and muggy day in the heart o ... Read More
Protecting free speech?

published online: 5/18/2015

The thwarted attack May 3 on a Prophet Muhammad "cartoon" competition in Texas aimed to put freedom of expression in the ... Read More
The reality of real video

published online: 4/27/2015

'Seeing is believing," or so the saying goes. We certainly can "see" more than ever in this era of 24/7 news, omnipresen ... Read More
Facts matter - a lot

published online: 4/13/2015

An old slam on tabloid journalism was that its best practitioners "never let the facts get in the way of a good story." ... Read More
JustIn thankfully on the way out

published online: 2/9/2015

This "just in:" Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said Thursday he has terminated development of a state-run, state-funded news op ... Read More
The media, too, has been a target

published online: 9/1/2014

What in the heck is going on with the police in Ferguson, Mo., and journalists? The St. Louis suburb has been the scene ... Read More
A true believer

published online: 7/26/2014

Freedom of Religion is today without one of its truest believers. Freedom of the Press has one less compelling writer ... Read More
Use - and defend - your freedoms

published online: 7/7/2014

CSSRqmon, people - it's just 45 words! We'll even give you the Twitter version: Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Ass ... Read More
Let's try civility in public life

published online: 1/13/2014

The First Amendment protects our freedom to say and write just about anything we want - but that doesn't mean we ought t ... Read More
Tis the season of good will, right?

published online: 12/30/2013

SSRqTis the season to be jolly and of good will, right? Responding to holiday cheer with a well-voiced "Bah" or "Humbug ... Read More
Remaking the newspaper model

published online: 8/12/2013

Jeff Bezos made it clear in founding Amazon.com that he can compete in the marketplace. We'll just have to wait and see ... Read More
Controversial covers

published online: 8/5/2013

Don't like the latest Rolling Stone magazine, featuring "glam, rock-star" photo treatment on the cover of accused Boston ... Read More
Americans protective of freedoms

published online: 7/22/2013

Americans don't run up big positive numbers in an annual First Amendment Center survey when it comes to being able to na ... Read More
A double-negative

published online: 7/8/2013

Government surveillance of news media operations ranging from the Associated Press to Fox News has made national headlin ... Read More
Shouting down free speech

published online: 6/17/2013

So how "free" is free speech, really? By law, under the First Amendment, speech is free. Government can only stop us fr ... Read More
National security and the media

published online: 6/3/2013

Will the government ever do it - charge a reporter under the Espionage Act with endangering national security for disclo ... Read More
Watergate: 'A' peak in journalism

published online: 5/13/2013

Forty years ago this week, the Washington Post - and its self-described "young and hard-digging reporters, Bob Woodward ... Read More
Tragedies reshape free speech, press

published online: 4/29/2013

Two national tragedies separated by six years and a day - the April 15 bombing at the Boston Marathon and the April 16, ... Read More
How not to protect religious liberty

published online: 4/15/2013

Here's a quick primer on a recent proposal by two North Carolina legislators to permit the state to designate a state re ... Read More
Mixed forecast for Sunshine Week

published online: 3/18/2013

The forecast from this year's National "Sunshine Week," which annually focuses on issues of freedom of information and t ... Read More
White House threats and regrets

published online: 3/4/2013

Any time a "very senior person" at the White House tells any reporter that the journalist will regret expressing critica ... Read More
New challenges for free press

published online: 2/18/2013

Much attention has been focused in recent days on the Obama administration's semi-secret "drone" program and on reports ... Read More
Censorship not a proper response

published online: 1/28/2013

The Web-based protest group Anonymous is asking the White House to consider endorsing a kind of website attack as protec ... Read More

Showing 1 - 25 of 133
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