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Jim Litke Columns
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A young king of swing

published online: 5/29/2015

CHICAGO - The owner made a beeline through the Cubs' clubhouse looking for his rookie slugger. "Hey, take it easy," Tom ... Read More
Last thing Vick needs is more attention

published online: 9/27/2011

No one in the NFL gets more attention than Michael Vick. Apparently, it's still not enough. Asked during a postgame new ... Read More
Judging the moves

published online: 4/16/2010

New NCAA football rules put officials in position of determining intent. As if college football's beleaguered referees ... Read More
Saints nearly went marching out of town

published online: 2/7/2010

Benson took his team to San Antonio after Katrina. MIAMI-- The man who almost made the Saints go marching out of New ... Read More
For Peyton, it's preparation

published online: 1/25/2010

Manning shows that he knows everything. INDIANAPOLIS -- Nobody else can make studying seem so, well, sexy. But the d ... Read More
Kids don't need degrees to learn loyalty overrated

published online: 1/21/2010

A record-tying 53 players with at least one season of eligibility remaining said adios to college football and applied f ... Read More
Kiffin should name next child 'Mercenary'

published online: 1/15/2010

Lane Kiffin returned to Southern California saying he felt like he never left. No doubt -- assuming Kiffin was talking ... Read More
Another fork in Vick's road

published online: 12/26/2009

Award brings differing views. The road back will never be completely clear for Michael Vick. There's plenty of justice ... Read More
BCS 'consensus': make everyone mad

published online: 12/8/2009

The Bowl Championship Series matchups are set and no matter how they play out, a postseason that begins with five unbeat ... Read More
'We hate you. Signed, Everyone'

published online: 11/26/2009

BCS can't hide, even on Twitter. Say you're a college football fan who still can't make up your mind. Then one day you ... Read More
Punters change channel

published online: 8/25/2009

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had 75,000 paying guests and a few dozen freeloaders over to his new house the other night to ... Read More
Favre for retirement, now against it

published online: 8/19/2009

It's worth remembering one more time that Brett Favre was for retirement before he was against it. So even if you beli ... Read More
Humbling game has barely dented Barnes

published online: 6/21/2009

Can't-miss kid is where everyone thought he would be. FARMINGDALE, N.Y. -- Somehow, the can't-miss kid did. Ricky Ba ... Read More
Tiger gets better as rivals sleep

published online: 6/16/2009

Woods still has competitive desire. FARMINGDALE, N.Y. -- While a few of his rivals are still sleeping, the best player ... Read More
Grabbing an opportunity that almost didn't come

published online: 5/25/2009

For Castroneves, victory was vindication. INDIANAPOLIS -- This wasn't just a race, it was vindication. Helio Castron ... Read More
Sweet story turns bitter

published online: 4/13/2009

Perry unhappy with collapse at the end. AUGUSTA, Ga.-- The thing is, he almost made it. Improbable as Kenny Perry 's s ... Read More
Time for Cubs to quit waiting

published online: 10/31/2008

Losing ways ending for everyone except Chicago. Someone apparently took a bat to a pipe on his way out of the visiting ... Read More
Norman still on a honeymoon

published online: 7/19/2008

Veteran is content and energized -- and close to the lead. SOUTHPORT, England -- Even greatness comes with an expirati ... Read More
Mediate winds up leading the parade

published online: 7/18/2008

Creaky 45-year-old is doing more than taking a victory lap. SOUTHPORT, England-- The guy figured to be here for a came ... Read More
Seattle looks for love after painful breakup

published online: 7/4/2008

No crocodile tears from Sonics owner as he walks out the door. What a sweetheart: Clay Bennett left the SuperSonics na ... Read More
Guillen needs to shut up

published online: 5/9/2008

White Sox manager is talking himself out of a job. It may be too late for the White Sox to get a refund for the sensit ... Read More
Tiger's 'Slam' dance is over

published online: 4/14/2008

Woods can't come up with a charge on the final day. AUGUSTA, Ga. -- The only way Tiger Woods gets a Grand Slam this ye ... Read More
Some new names, and that guy in fifth place

published online: 4/13/2008

The unfamiliar players at the top of the leaderboard know Tiger is lurking. AUGUSTA, Ga. -- The four names ahead o ... Read More
Favre always tried to top what he'd done before

published online: 3/6/2008

The playbook never mattered all that much to Brett Favre. He liked having a road map as much as the next quarterback, su ... Read More
The comic genius (however brief) of Bill Belichick

published online: 1/30/2008

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Bill Belichick climbs onto a stage at media day, sits down and instinctively pushes his chair away fr ... Read More

Showing 1 - 25 of 33
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